Not To Mention Gumbo PAC’s Lame Attack On Ralph Abraham

So today was a two-fer for the trial lawyers, video poker truck stop operators and unions who fund Democrat political consultant Trey Ourso and his Gumbo PAC attack-dog organization. Gumbo PAC released two ads today – one attacking Eddie Rispone for supposedly not paying employees and falsely insinuating that he hired illegals on construction sites, and the other recycling an old attack on Ralph Abraham for giving money to charity in what Ourso apparently thinks was insufficient amounts.

The ad…

This is such low-rent, weak garbage that it actually proves how clean a candidate Abraham is.

Understand what’s being alleged here – which is that Abraham ran for Congress in 2014 promising to give his congressional salary to St. Jude and the Independence Fund, a charity which helps wounded veterans, and did so for his first term in office. Abraham then found out, to his dismay, that congressional rules prohibited him from making a profit at his medical clinic. That meant he couldn’t afford to go without a salary on Capitol Hill, so he abandoned the pledge to donate that salary for his second term.

But he still gave over $300,000 to those two charities.

They’re attacking him for giving $300,000 to charity. That’s what this ad is about.

Morris Bart, the billboard lawyer who has essentially defined the genre of ambulance-chasing slimeball lawyer in Louisiana, gave $10,000 to Gumbo PAC earlier this summer.

How much money has Morris Bart given to St. Jude? We’d like to know. How much have any of the donors to Gumbo PAC given to St. Jude?

Shouldn’t these guys show us some check stubs to prove they’ve given big money to charity before they attack Ralph Abraham’s donations as insufficient for their sensibilities?

Because otherwise Gumbo PAC sure looks like a bunch of hypocrites and sleazeballs who need to learn some manners.

And some imagination, too. All of this crap was vetted already – it was put out in a coordinated attack between American Bridge, John Bel Edwards’ campaign, Gumbo PAC, the state Democrat Party and The Advocate’s Tyler Bridges and Stephanie Grace back in January, and it fizzled pretty badly then.


Especially when Brian Allen, a building contractor who does St. Jude Dream Homes in Northeast Louisiana, fired off a letter to the Advocate that we’re not sure the paper ever printed which completely debunked the idea Abraham “stiffed” St. Jude…

The long and short of this is these attacks – not just this one but the one on Rispone this morning as well – are pathetic. They’re attempts by special interest sleazeballs who are invested in this state being squalid and backward under the same failed leadership it’s had for more than a century to maintain their iron grip on the state capitol and governor’s mansion.

And they will say anything – no matter how dishonest, irrelevant or lame – to keep that hand on our throats.

Let’s hope the donors to Gumbo PAC get asked how much money they’ve given to St. Jude. Let’s hope that happens soon. It’s time to smoke out the breathtaking hypocrisy of these low-lifes once and for all.



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