FAGAN: Tax-Dodging Queen LaToya Punishes Her Disobedient Subjects

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell decreed this week she’ll look for new ways to deny unemployment benefits from those who disobey her dictates prohibiting large gatherings.

“It’s my opinion you can’t receive public resources but at the same time violate public mandates to keep people safe,” said Cantrell.

LaToya says she’s ordering her minions to “step up enforcement” targeting the disobedient.

Cantrell’s demand for compliance is hypocritical considering she doesn’t pay her federal income taxes and refuses to explain why other than to say it’s complicated. Cantrell and her attorney husband are behind on their federal income taxes to the tune of six-figures despite earning close to $300,000 combined annually.

The IRS has filed multiple liens against LaToya through the years, both before and after she became mayor. The feds filed the most recent tax lien against her earlier this year.

Despite LaToya’s refusal to pay the government what she owes, as mayor, she’s consistently moaned and groaned over New Orleans business owners that are late in paying their city taxes. As blatantly hypocritical as that is, Cantrell raised her do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do ways up a notch this week to stratospheric levels. Here’s what she said about those who won’t comply with her social distancing orders:

“It is pretty unheard of when you want to overlook public responsibility and that’s something I can’t teach people, I can only demonstrate it,” said Cantrell.

How is it possible someone could be so lacking in self-awareness, that as a serial tax dodger, they would brag about demonstrating public responsibility? Does Cantrell know we know she doesn’t pay her taxes? Does she think we don’t care? This goes well beyond glaring and unprecedented hypocrisy. At some point, the question must be asked, is Cantrell so arrogant, she’s clueless?

As Cantrell slams those who won’t obey her social distancing orders claiming they endanger public safety, she’s quiet about all the bullets flying in her town. There have been at least 16-shootings in New Orleans this month. Four were shot to death Thursday. New Orleans has seen more murders this year with close to four months remaining, that it had all of 2019. Seven in ten New Orleans homicides typically don’t result in an arrest. A few of the city’s most violent neighborhoods are so deadly, statistically, they represent some of the most dangerous places to live on the planet. The violence has caused most corporations to abandon the city leaving mostly low-paying service industry jobs. They are literally getting away with murder in The Big Easy, and yet Cantrell is using the limited city resources she has to crack down on social distancing violators.

Meanwhile, the city has a total of 7 COVID-19 related deaths this month as of Thursday. The number of coronavirus related fatalities in New Orleans flattened in May and has been going down steadily since. If the trend continues, more New Orleanians will die of homicide than the virus this month.

And yet Cantrell’s tyrannical bent toward her subjects continue. This week, she proclaimed New Orleans would not move to Phase Three on Friday despite Gov. John Bel Edwards announcing the loosening of COVID-19 related restrictions statewide.

So, in New Orleans, bars remain closed, and restaurants are limited to 50% capacity. The Louisiana Restaurant Association predicts the city lockdown, lasting several months now, could cause New Orleans to permanently lose half of its restaurants. The longer Cantrell keeps her boot on the neck of those restaurants and bars, the more will remain closed forever.


What the state’s media won’t tell you is LaToya is not your typical Democrat. Yes, she’s Nancy Pelosi-like in that she lives by the creed: rules for thee, not for me. And yes, she has a tyrannical, boss-people-around-and-take-away-freedoms bent like Louisiana’s Democrat governor. But Cantrell is a member of the Hard Left.

Last year, LaToya sponsored a resolution promoted by the Palestinian Solidarity Movement calling for the boycott of Israel. Even liberal Democrats like former California Gov. Jerry Brown and former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu condemned the movement as anti-Semitic.

Cantrell has also shown support for the so-called “Squad,” made up of rabid socialists, U.S. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayana Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

And then there’s LaToya’s affection for the Communist government of Cuba. She led a delegation there last year saying she wanted to “learn directly” from the Communist Cuban government about how they administer health care.

It is true New Orleans was a hot mess long before Cantrell brought her Communist sympathetic ways to City Hall. It’s been more than 127-years since a Republican served as mayor of the city.

Compare the forward-thinking ideas employed by the cities of Houston and Atlanta to the dismal economic record of New Orleans and it’s easy to see how miserably the politicians of the Crescent City have failed voters. Certainly, the people of the Big Easy, warm, engaging, open, and charming, can do better than the parade of Leftists they’ve elected for more than a century.

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