GOP Politicians Pandering To The Advocate? Why On Earth Would You?

On Monday, Tucker Carlson gave an outstanding speech in Des Moines, Iowa to a Christian conservative group. The speech was built around three recommendations Carlson offered for GOP voters seeking to save America from its propitious decline at the hands of the modern Left.

We had a post over at RVIVR which went through the speech in full, and I would recommend it. Carlson’s advice meshes completely with the things I talk about in The Revivalist Manifesto.

The third recommendation Carlson made to his Iowa audience was not to support politicians who care what the New York Times, or the corporate legacy media as a whole, writes or says about them. Here’s a clip of that segment…

I bring this up because it seems like it relates to what happened yesterday at the State Bond Commission in Louisiana, which overwhelmingly passed a resolution sponsored by Attorney General Jeff Landry deferring a $39 million infrastructure project in New Orleans as a response to the city’s elected officials, including its mayor LaToya Cantrell, district attorney (for now, as his trial for tax fraud nears its end) Jason Williams and sheriff Susan Hutson, declaring their refusal to abide by Louisiana’s new abortion law.

Jeff Sadow has a pretty full wrapup of what happened yesterday, but I’m going to point out one specific item within this story. Namely, that for 15 or 20 minutes during the Bond Commission meeting, Treasurer John Schroder proceeded to lambaste Landry for bringing the deferral. He whined that Landry doesn’t do anything on the Bond Commission other than use it to make trouble, and he decried politics being played at the Bond Commission, and so on. He even bitched about Landry fighting Edwards’ mask mandates and tried to equate that with Cantrell and the gang threatening to break the law.

And then Schroder voted for the measure Landry pushed. As did practically everyone else, with the exception of the two John Bel Edwards mini-me’s on the Bond Commission.

And Landry got a chance to pop out a press statement you know he’s been wanting to unload for a while…

“Today, our Bond Commission forced elected officials in New Orleans to decide if they will enforce State law. The same folks who have turned the Crescent City into America’s murder capital by refusing to prosecute violent crime must now choose whether they prioritize playing partisan politics over granting basic amenities for their constituents. I hope they come before the Bond Commission to explain why New Orleans should continue to receive millions of taxpayer dollars while refusing to comply with the laws enacted by our Legislature as required by our State Constitution.”

Schroder’s antics seem awfully pointless. If your objection is that using the Bond Commission as a lever to enforce compliance with state law is “playing politics,” then why vote to do it? And if you support the action, why would you reject ownership of it by attacking the guy who had the idea?

I get that Schroder is running for governor next year, as is Landry, but they’re both Republicans and they’re both branding themselves as conservatives. What that means is you don’t fight with the other guy at every turn. You work with him as often as you can and then you pick very specific things to go against him on.

And seeing as though New Orleans is 90 percent Democrat, and Louisiana outside of Orleans Parish is pretty overwhelmingly Republican, slapping down the left-wing nuts who run New Orleans would not be one of those things.

So what’s going on here? Well, the best answer I can come up with goes back to Carlson. Because here’s what showed up at Louisiana’s facsimile of the New York Times

It’s all the way at the bottom of the news story before you find out from The Advocate’s Mark Ballard, a Democrat operative playing the role of a journalist, that Schroder voted with Landry.

Yes, this is about how The Advocate is a fake-news turd of a media organ. But it’s also about what Carlson said.

Republican politicians who trash each other in an effort to curry favor with the enemy’s media organs – and that’s exactly what The Advocate is; we chronicled a recent example involving Ballard and radio host/Democrat operative Jim Engster, whose show Schroder also went on this week, with their little conspiracy to force pastor Tony Spell onto the political scene as a foil against John Kennedy a few days ago – are the ones Carlson warned about.


It would be a shame if that’s who John Schroder chooses to be.

Because nobody cares about The Advocate anymore. And it’s mutual; The Advocate no longer exists to serve Louisiana, it exists to serve the left-wing nonprofits from whom it’s funded. Those non-profits are paying for The Advocate to serve as Democrat shills and operatives, not as objective journalists. It’s a zombie newspaper the market is attempting to kill but can’t because the foundations have jumped in to reanimate it.

So naturally they’re after Jeff Landry at every opportunity. That hasn’t seemed to deflate his political stock much.

Newspapers have such miniscule credibility with the public these days that it’s amazing anyone would care what’s printed in them. And The Advocate is one of the worst newspapers on this continent, something everyone who’s considering voting for either Landry or Schroder knows.

The thing is, if Schroder had wanted to come off as the reasonable public servant as opposed to The Fire-Breathing Right-Wing Loon Landry, there was a way to approach this. That way was pretty simple: as soon as Landry put out the word he wanted to defer the bond for the Sewage & Water Board infrastructure, if you’re Schroder you publicly go to Cantrell, Hutson and the rest and you say something like this:

“The votes are there to defer your projects. It’s not even a question of whether I support the AG’s position or not – he’s got a majority for it. So you aren’t getting the bond authority until you back down on the abortion law. There’s nothing anybody can do for you until you agree to fulfill your duty, period.”

That makes John Schroder The Guy Who Tells You How It Is. And honestly, that’s a better position to be in than the guy who sticks his neck out by proposing the action in the first place.

Why he didn’t do that is beyond me. Pandering to The Advocate isn’t just a bad idea, it’s disqualifying. He needs to stop doing that or else he’ll find it very hard to get his gubernatorial campaign off the ground.

There are no Republican votes to be had in New Orleans. Or in The Advocate’s newsroom. Don’t look for them there.



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