College Professor On Steve Scalise And Other Shooting Victims: “Let Them F***ing Die”

Most of the country has been rooting for a recovery by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others that were shot last week. The shooting has led to others examining their political rhetoric.

But there’s one professor from Trinity College in Connecticut who wants Steve Scalise and the other victims to die. Professor Johnny Eric Williams said Scalise and the others should’ve been left to die because they are white.

From Breitbart:

A professor at Trinity College wrote that the first responders to last week’s congressional shooting that nearly took Rep. Steve Scalise’s life should have let him and others die because they are white.
Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams seemed to argue in a June 18 Facebook post that first responders to the shooting should have let the wounded individuals die.

“It is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be ‘white’ will not do, put end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy system. #LetThemFuckingDie,” Williams, an Associate Professor of Sociology, wrote on Facebook.

Professor Williams also shared an article from Medium that called for minorities to refuse to save the lives of whites if they are caught up in potentially fatal situations. “If they are choking in a restaurant. If they are bleeding out in an emergency room. If the ground is crumbling beneath them. If they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other: Do nothing.” the article says.

Williams has written several books on race. He has also been published on several radical websites.

Meanwhile, Professor Williams has left campus. He apparently has been receiving threats since he posted his Facebook post.

A professor at Trinity College in Connecticut has fled the state after receiving death threats over inflammatory social media statements that he says were taken out of context.

Johnny Williams, who has been a sociology professor at Trinity since 1996, recently shared a Medium article by an author known as “Son of Baldwin” that ended in a “call to show indifference to the lives of bigots,” Trinity President Joanne Berger-Sweeney said.

No word if Trinity College is going to take action against Williams.

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