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BRIGGS: The Haynesville Shale Play Is Far From Over

Common thought is that the Haynesville Shale natural gas play is over. Pack up your trucks and move to another shale play. False. What the media portrays, might not be the correct facts. Indeed, the Haynesville did see a mass... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: A Confused Judge And A Major Economic Threat

Oil and gas producers beware. Earlier this week, Judge Janice Clark ruled against the oil and gas industry.  The judge did not issue her own ruling, but instead took the position, word for word, of the Attorney General and his... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: More Presidential Rhetoric

The United States of America has now witnessed over five years of Barack Obama as president and numerous State of The Union (SOTU) addresses. One thing that can be said of him regarding the oil and gas industry is his... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: A Judicial Hellhole

It is no secret that Louisiana has a litigious legal climate. As Louisiana now ranks 49th out of 50 by the United States Chamber of Commerce for legal fairness just ahead of West Virginia. Recently, the American Tort Reform Association... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Thankful for savings at pump

We have an additional reason to give thanks this year. Consumers are happy because the pump prices are falling a bit. Each year, the summer months bring about higher gasoline prices. Higher demand and more expensive blends of fuel required... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Politics Matters To The Oil And Gas Industry

Famed Industrialist and oil and gas tycoon J. Paul Getty once said, “If business is your profession, then you should make politics your business.” On that note, Louisiana voters are facing multiple elections over the next year. The 5th U.S.... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Hurricane Season Threatens Oil & Gas Industry

Each year, Mother Nature sends a fury of storms into the Gulf of Mexico region. June 1st through November 30th is the technical span of hurricane season. For strong winds to be labeled an actual hurricane, 74 mph sustained winds must be... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Lawsuit Accusations Are Just That

The battle between public opinion and truth is under way. Dozens of editorials, newspaper articles and reports have now been written regarding the South Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East’s (SLFPAE) accusation that the oil and gas industry has caused massive... (Continue reading)

BRIGGS: A Study About A Study

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has a history, like any federal bureaucratic agency, to produce many studies. Some of these studies are productive and some of them, like a more recent study about hydraulic fracturing, are a bit more... (Continue reading)

BRIGGS: CNG Is The Automotive Fuel Of The Future

The United States is now the hub for natural gas exploration. A shale play touches nearly every corner of our country. More prominent shale plays are in the news with frequency such as the Marcellus of the northeast and the... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Oil And Gas Thinks This Year’s Session Was Just Fine

The 2013 Louisiana State legislative session has now adjourned for the year. Each year leading up to session, typically one conversation dominates the press. This year, the topic of discussion was regarding the Governor’s tax plan that was set to... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS:The Future Of Natural Gas In Louisiana

As home to one of the largest natural gas plays in the country, the Haynesville Shale, several potential crude oil plays and the boisterous Gulf of Mexico region, Louisiana has no shortage of natural resources. However, the latest conversation is... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Here Comes More EPA Intrusion Into Fracking

A shale revolution, shale boom, achieving energy independence, energy security; these are all terms being used in speeches, on television, the Internet, newspapers and at the water cooler. Why? The game changer is hydraulic fracturing. This practice, while not brand... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Throw Me Something, Mister!

Louisiana’s business climate is litigious, to say the least. Or to be blunt, our state is extremely sue-happy. Louisiana currently ranks 49th in the nation by a recent national study for having a litigious climate to conduct business. How does this... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: The Reef Fund Dollars Are A Casualty Of Budget Woes

With the Louisiana state legislative session now in full swing, dollars get added and dollars get stripped from both good and bad funds. One good fund that is facing having its funds stripped is the Artificial Reef Development Fund (ARDF),... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Breaking Down Gasoline Prices

The general public often thinks the President of the United States has a button or lever that he can simply adjust gasoline prices higher or lower. This, however, is simply not the case. Many factors go into the breakdown of... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Jindal’s Tax Plan Could Make Or Break The State’s Oil Patch

The 2013 Louisiana legislative session is less than two weeks from beginning. Legislators will convene at the state capitol on April 8th to kick off a 60-day fiscal session. Unlike the alternate-year 90-day session, this one will be a bit... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Obama’s New Nominees Have Big Jobs Ahead

President Barack Obama’s second term is now in full swing. New terms equal new department heads and new nominations. The president recently nominated Gina McCarthy to become the Environmental Protection Agency chief administrator and Ernest Moniz to become the secretary... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: Louisiana, And America, Is Better Off Exporting Natural Gas

It is no secret that an oil and gas shale revolution is taking place around the world. Right here in the United States, over a dozen shale plays are being explored. Companies are drilling for oil and natural gas from... (Continue reading)

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BRIGGS: A Competitive Environment Sustains Growth

America is facing historic times on the energy front. Over a dozen shale plays spread themselves into each corner of the country. Talks of energy independence and energy security are dominating news cycles. Right here in Louisiana, the oil and... (Continue reading)

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