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AFTERBURNER: The Unmarked, Matte-Gray Crown Vic

In this edition, Bill Whittle notices a flagrantly-obvious federal agent on the 405 in Los Angeles, marvels at the arrogance and increasing militarization he sees among some members of the law enforcement community over the last five years and wonders... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: The Left Is Reduced To Shrieking About Tony Perkins’ Appointment To Some Commission

It was the Braindead Goes Wild when the larger world learned of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s appointment of Family Research Council Pres. Tony Perkins to a state commission, illustrating the intellectual bankruptcy of today’s liberalism and the surrender of any rational thinking by some homosexual support lobbies. In... (Continue reading)

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REASON.TV VIDEO: Arrest Quotas In Auburn

Kudos to the folks at Reason for exposing something that has become a trend in law enforcement – and not a good one. Namely, police forces run by greedheads who impose arrest and ticket quotas on their officers in an... (Continue reading)

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The Soon-To-Be Viral 4th Of July DUI Checkpoint Video

Not sure where this took place, but it was apparently shot Thursday night somewhere in America. And it comes from one of the hundreds of DUI road blocks ubiquitous during 4th of July weekends across the fruited plain. The video... (Continue reading)

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Have You Heard About This Business With The Leesville Police Chief?

For all the uproar over that crazy video coming out of the Orleans Parish Prison and the fight between Mitch Landrieu and Marlin Gusman over who gets to run that jail, what’s going on at OPP might not actually be... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Dropping The Reins

The controversy surrounding Chief Dewayne White’s suspension or termination has bounced around the media for a while. Both sides cast allegations and nobody runs the risk of coming out of this controversy in good shape. Mayor Kip Holden won’t come... (Continue reading)

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Is Kip Holden Qualified To Pick Baton Rouge’s Next Police Chief?

With the letter of termination given to Baton Rouge Police Chief Dewayne White nearly 2 weeks ago, which turned out to only be ‘paid leave’ per the mayor, several questions regarding the position of Chief of Police are left unanswered. Questions such... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Public Service Algorithms

Community Policing (CP) isn’t a new and novel approach to neighborhood protection. It’s been around since Roman Legionnaires walked the streets maintaining order and enforcing curfews in newly acquired lands. It’s through the interaction of the protector with the community... (Continue reading)

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The Chris Dorner Hero-Worship, On Both Sides Of The Aisle

The most disheartening event in the country this week wasn’t the State of the Union address, though that was certainly ugly enough. And it wasn’t the finale of the Chris Dorner rampage, which was certainly horrific enough in its waste... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Community Policing

Community policing (CP) is a philosophy promoting organizational strategies, supporting systematic usage of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, proactively addressing the immediate conditions giving rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.      ... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Fall Of The Ho-Man’s Empire

It’s been interesting to watch the firing of Chief of Police DeWayne White by the Baton Rouge Police Union. OH! I’m sorry. I meant to say by Mayor Kip Holden through his sword-bearer, William Daniel. The Holden Administration appears similar... (Continue reading)

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BR Police Union Boss: We’re Happy To Show Off Dwayne White’s Head

Most of the time when there’s a controversial mess brewing on the public stage, all the principals involved run for the hills. Not the Baton Rouge Police Union. They’re standing around the train wreck of city police chief Dwayne White’s... (Continue reading)

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It Looks Like The Unions Buffaloed Kip Holden Into Firing His Police Chief

At least that’s what the Baton Rouge Business Report reported in its piece on Dwayne White’s firing. “I know the unions have not been sitting on the sidelines idly watching,” says Councilman Joel Boé, who is leading an effort to... (Continue reading)

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Don’t Ever Try To Pull Rank On A State Trooper If You’re Pulled Over For DWI

That’s a lesson former state Rep. Bobby Badon (D-Carencro), who used to hold the seat our buddy Stephen Ortego now has, learned the hard way a couple of years ago. Badon was pulled over by a state trooper on his... (Continue reading)

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Sheriffs Want a Pay Raise, Too!

Days after the tax assessors of Louisiana stampeded toward the public trough for a pay raise, Louisiana sheriffs have followed suit. Thanks are again due to a sharp-eyed correspondent who saw the notice in a newspaper legal ad. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO INTRODUCE BILL... (Continue reading)

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Sheriffs To Be Rolling In Dough If Ruling Isn’t Reversed

Sheriffs in all 64 Louisiana parishes could be in for a financial bonanza if a recent appeal court ruling isn’t overturned. Livingston Parish Sheriff Willie Graves, for example, has already collected about $400,000 in commissions from his parish’s Council on... (Continue reading)

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Interstate Traffic Fines Fuel Some Local Budgets

A number of American Press readers did a double-take Wednesday when they saw a front-page story about the town of Welsh paying its police officers $25 an hour to patrol Interstate 10 for traffic and drug violators. This is the... (Continue reading)

Did Kip Holden misappropriate $330,720 in tax dollars?

Those who’ve followed the standoff between Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden and EBR Sheriff Sid Gautreaux might be confused as to why Holden won’t follow GOHSEP rules and allow Gautreaux to sign off on the parish’s Homeland Security grant applications.... (Continue reading)