Lee, Roy seeking to censure Alexandria Ocasio Cortez after she accused Sen. Ted Cruz of attempting to have her murdered

Texas Congressional Democrats urge Biden to rescind order halting new oil, gas leases

GOP senators propose bill to block Biden energy orders

Abbott’s double speak– more legislation to help businesses instead of reopening the state

Labor experts: Biden firing of NLRB general counsel could be ‘unlawful’

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Gov. Abbott signs executive order to protect Texas energy industry from federal overreach

Oil industry contributed nearly $14 billion in taxes to Texas last year

Abbott, Texas Department of Public Safety release Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan

Six attorneys general warn Biden administration of lawsuits over executive orders

Texas ranks 16th on unemployment insurance taxes

Louisiana ranks fourth on unemployment insurance taxes

Texas residents pay $4,123 per capita in key state tax levies, study finds

Laredo’s concentrated poverty rate is the highest in all of Texas

Monroe’s concentrated poverty rate is the highest in all of Louisiana

Louisiana homeless population numbered 2,941 last year, study finds

Voters in North Texas whittle down candidates for House seat, wait for Abbott to set runoff election date

Texas celebrates National School Choice Week

Biden plans to reverse abortion policies of previous administration