‘Bring Out Your Dead:’ Numerous Texas House Bills Killed After Deadline

Txlege UpdateAs the Texas House passed a key deadline on Wednesday, several bills The Hayride is watching this session are now flat-lined.

Truth be told: No legislative measure is finally dead as long as it can live on as an amendment to a Senate bill or an added line in a conference committee report between the chambers. But any bill that lived its life as a standalone House bill and never has had an official second reading on the House floor is, as of midnight yesterday, dead as a door nail.

Below are a few of interest (though there are certainly more to account for).

Dead bills:

Penny sales tax hike and school finance bill combo, HBs 3 and 4621 (postponed until 2021)

Toll payer bill of rights, HB 1951

Roe v. Wade overturn “sleeper bill,” HB 2350

Constitutional carry (several bills, blocked by Speaker earlier in session, never revived)

Freedom of religious conscience bill, HB 1035

Firearm accessory right to carry, HB 4041

Term limits for legislators, HJR 98

Killed at the last minute:

Government anti-discrimination bill, the “Save Chick-fil-A bill,” HB 3172 (on a point of order technicality)


Vape and e-cigarette 10% sales tax, HB 4031

Mandatory registration for re-roofing contractors, HB 2101

Heartbeat bill to stop abortions, HB 1500

Red flag for mentally ill gun purchasers, HB 545

From the hip: Taxation and major budget bills must originate in house, so any hope of a tax  reform or a major spending bill is likely toast unless it has already passed the Texas House. Keep an eye on Senate bills waiting in the wings of the various House committees, which will start moving rapidly after Mothers Day weekend (the last day for the House to consider Senate bills is May 21). Also keep an eye on the House Local and Consent calendar, which is where some bills could be inappropriately slipped into as a lifeline through Wednesday. There is also the possibility of motions by the House to reconsider bills already given a reading but voted down. See list of important deadlines here.

(And for those not familiar with Monty Python, here’s what today’s article image refers to.)



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