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SARGE: Equality, But Only Within Class

Everything comes to rest in layers. Everything, when disturbed by the fluidic element of political action, stratifies upon settling. To stratify means to form layers. In sociology it means arranging, in a hierarchical order, especially according to graded status levels. If... (Continue reading)

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Things Which Must Be Understood

It needs to be understood that the underlying question behind the Louie Gohmert/Eric Holder “you don’t want to go there, buddy” confrontation was that Gohmert asked – as he has asked for three solid years – for DOJ to turn... (Continue reading)

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Sizable Oversight Costs Jindal As MoveOn Grabs

Last week, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal put out a 26-page proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare with a more patient-centered, market-oriented set of reforms. The plan Jindal circulated through his new policy think-tank America Next is a good one, though... (Continue reading)

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What’s This? More SEIU E-Mails To Together Baton Rouge Members?

Earlier today we passed along an e-mail from Mary Kay Henry, the president of the Service Employees International Union, which hit the e-mail box of a contact of ours who is acting as something of a mole within Together Baton... (Continue reading)

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If You Need To Know Who Together Louisiana Really Is…

…this ought to be a pretty good indication. A friend of The Hayride has trafficked with that organization by way of information about how they operate, and passed this along. It went out to the Together Baton Rouge e-mail list... (Continue reading)

Poverty-Pimpin’ The Payday Loan Thang

Here’s somethin’ fun for y’all to do. Go to your Facebook an’ type in “Together Louisiana” in that search bar deal at the top. An’ then click on ‘em. You don’t think that’s fun? Fine. I’ll do it for you.... (Continue reading)

SADOW: They Want To Try To Repeal The LA Science Education Act Again…

Lately around northwest Louisiana, first there came the alleged introduction of religion in the classroom in Sabine Parish by promoting one set of religious beliefs over another. Then in Caddo Parish there appeared the public admission of a teacher who wrote she provides insight... (Continue reading)

Quin Hillyer’s First Advocate Column Drives Lefties Insane

It’s been a long time since the Baton Rouge Advocate brought on a legitimate conservative as a columnist, so when our buddy Quin Hillyer made his debut yesterday it was a moment of significance. And Hillyer didn’t disappoint – if... (Continue reading)

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If You Haven’t Read David Horowitz’ Latest Piece At NRO…

…go and read it right now. The headline is descriptive: Why Republicans Need The Tea Party. It’s a piece about why the marriage between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party should survive the current civil war over tactics and... (Continue reading)

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The Obama Administration Actually Just Suggested American Companies Make Less Money

It mind boggle your mind, but it’s true. In a blog post at the White House’s website, Jason Furman, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, and Council of Economic Advisers member Betsey Stevenson wrote this in response to the CBO’s estimation... (Continue reading)

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Ever See The Crazy Lefty Parking-Lot Accoster Video?

This is a couple years old, but I dug it up and posted it here because I had a broad just like this one give me a rough time this weekend for pretty much the same circumstances… My deal was... (Continue reading)

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Have You Heard About The Trader Joe’s Story In Portland?

Jon Gabriel at Ricochet had the story of something which probably needed to happen, even though the result was negative… Trader Joe’s wanted to build a new store in Portland, Oregon. Instead of heading to a tony neighborhood downtown or... (Continue reading)

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(VIDEO) Bankrupt: How Cronyism And Corruption Brought Down Detroit

This documentary, directed by Ben Howe, was released to YouTube on Friday. It goes about 41 minutes, and it gives a pretty good summary of the history of how the richest city (per capita) in the world when the last... (Continue reading)

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This Is The Left In A Nutshell, Isn’t It?

I could do a whole buncha commentary about this, but you don’t really need me to – do ya? Got a master’s degree in somethin’ nobody is hirin’ for, ran up a grip in student debt, has a kid but... (Continue reading)

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What Mike Huckabee Actually Said

By now our readers have surely seen the coverage of Mike Huckabee’s remarks at last week’s RNC meeting, at which he exhorted the party to be a lot more combative in staving off the Democrats’ attempts to spread a GOP... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Chuck The Schmuck Has Struck Again

I thought Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer stepped in a meadow muffin somewhere and tracked it to the podium to address the press. I was wrong and stand corrected. It wasn’t his shoes. It’s his breath exhausting as he spits his... (Continue reading)

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UPDATED: Investors’ Business Daily’s Michael Ramirez Crushes Andrew Cuomo

UPDATE: Something interesting, and related – namely, this press release from conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe… “Governor Cuomo’s shocking words this past week aren’t simply words. He’s been acting on his belief that “conservatives don’t belong in New York” for months... (Continue reading)

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How Big A Joke Is Together Baton Rouge?

Friday, when we posted our mini-expose’ on how Together Baton Rouge is working within the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge to co-opt the Church’s priests into serving as shock troops against the St. George effort, we stirred up a hornet’s... (Continue reading)

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On Freedom, The Right And Left, And An Offer On A Major Social Issue

Via Gizmodo, this is the list of Mike Bloomberg’s accomplishments as New York’s mayor. Remember that it’s the Left’s contention that conservatives are the people who want to take away your freedoms. Bloomberg set himself up as the “conservative” candidate... (Continue reading)

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SARGE: Bill Clinton Can Kiss My Fat Acetabulum

Former President Bill Clinton said he “strongly” endorsed Bill de Blasio’s campaign promise to tackle inequality in New York as he swore in his former aide as the city’s 109th mayor on Wednesday, calling the yawning gap between rich and... (Continue reading)

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