Hayride Cartoon: Rick Gets The New Hampshire News

All Of It’s Depressing

Yeah, This Is About Right

There Is A Lie Going Around On E-Mail This Morning

And By The Way…

And Here’s Just A Little Something More For Monday

For Saturday


For You Old Farts Who Don’t Understand Social Media…

We Might Need To Toughen Up Some Of Our Readers A Little

Aw, This Is Just Very Unfortunate

Well, Here’s A Little Something For Saturday…

Obama’s 2008 Iowa Caucus Victory Potato Chip Connection

I’ve Got Some Big-Time Contacts And I’m About To Come Into Some Serious Cash…

The Final Hour

Hayride Cartoon: When Does It End?

How About A New Year’s Playlist?

Holiday Ramblings (Friday)

Must Be The Shoes!

Holiday Ramblings (Thursday)